The White Mountains and Maine

Maine was calling so we decided to give my dad a break from our intrusive presence and head north. Since I wasn’t a girl who did much exploring in my teenage years, I had never seen much of the area. Rufus and Nancy Tracy (see Utah posts) said to visit Acadia National Park so off we rattled.

We headed north through the White Mountains which is not to be missed if you can help it. It was a fall fairyland, with winter in the air. Foliage season was just beginning and it was absolutely beautiful. Waterfalls and empty forest state parks were all ours.

Acadia National Park is set primarily on Maine’s Mount Desert Island, and it’s beauty is hard to deny. The coastline is tide pool rocky with the forests of pine or maple growing right down to the tumble of boulders that meet the sea.

There are miles of beautiful trails. One of the best was the Gorge Path to Cadillac Mountain Summit. It is an ancient native american trail that follows a small stream down from the small mountain’s dome. Much of it roves up through a maple forest with carefully fitted stones making up the trail.  I failed completely to get a picture of how lovely the birch trees were, growing out of the tops of huge boulders covered in early yellow leaves and bright green moss. You totally can’t tell that it’s the land of the Ents from my pictures.

Another good trail was Precipice Trail. For all our reading maps and park info, we each failed to note that it’s a one way trail. Good thing we didn’t even realize until we got to the end. It was best that way: it all ended fine, and we had a really fun day.

We stayed outside Acadia in Lamoine State Park . It was a lovely spot, under an apple tree, overlooking Frenchman Bay. We drove into the park each morning. Looking back on it, I think holy shit, what a pain in the ass to unplug, batten down, and drive the RV every day like its a 4 door sedan. But it wasn’t. I don’t remember thinking so at the time. And it meant we were always able to have a cup of tea whenever we wanted it.

A few more pictures of Acadia. The Carriage Roads are worth an afternoon biking around if you have enough days.

We were here for a number of days and could have spent many more, but it was deemed time to move down the coast. We took a few days driving down the coast on route 1 passing steepled white churches, and shops with wooden signs hanging above their door.  All this with the backdrop of foliage in full riot. Some pretty. You’ll need a week at least in Maine. If you are the planning type, do your best to go in autumn. There is a reason why everybody says this.

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