Our Airbnb, Barcelona

The Boutique Hotel Room

I decided to show you our Airbnb, Barcelona. It was typical of the places we stayed: secret corners which we were allowed to share in. You can pretend you will always live here, and always be in love with the peeling walls, square cobblestones, and funky neighbors.

This 18th C porcelain doll factory kept its bones through it’s reclaim and renovation. The scalloped ceiling, and the salvaged minimalist look in the stairwells made me extra happy.

Barcelona’s Airbnb also represented a fine example of one specific type of Airbnb space, the Boutique Hotel. It’s a pleasure to stay in these when they crop up. Often times you have forgotten what the next place looks like from when you booked it. That means every place is like a surprise wrapped gift. Opening up the door to a Boutique Hotel is really very great occasionally. Its always pretty hip and styling in the decor.

You know everything will work, and you wont trip the breaker by mistakenly thinking you could run the kettle and the space heater at the same time. Neither will there be a space heater; you get slightly more formal heating arrangements in the Boutique. Generally, the kitchen is geared out minimally yet competently by Ikea; the bed is King size, and the sheets are crisp from the laundry service. We ended up with an Airbnb Boutique Hotel in Palermo, and Brugge . Prices ranged from $80/night-$170/night.

Airbnb offers up a travel credit which is something to take advantage of, especially if you were going to book through them anyway. When a friend clicks the link, they will receive credit that will automatically apply towards their first reservation with Airbnb. The credit will show up automatically on the checkout page of any qualifying reservation (something like $75/night) For example, the above one throws us $20 when you book a place. You can do the same and daisy chain yourself to an occasional 20 smackers.